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Changing gears without a clutch, and double clutching?


two questions.

1. I have a 1991 alfa romeo, and it's getting increasingly harder to put in second gear without that crunching noise. Alfa's generally have a tight gearbox(whatever that means) but 2nd gear is a little ridiculous.. Its worse changing down to second than changing up also. Some one told me it's got something to do with the syncro mesh, what does that mean? And should I be double clutching to get into second.. and if so, what is double clutching?

Also my flatmates have been having an argument over changing gears without using the clutch, i wikki'd it and it says its all about matching the revs or whatever. What I want to know is whether or not it is bad for your car to do, if you do it successfully I mean? Like I realise doing it with force and not properly is bad for it, but if you can do it, is it bad?

K, that turned into a million questions, as you can tell I'm fairly clueless when it comes to cars, so any help would be awsome.


Changing gears without a clutch, and double clutching?
Check the clutch plate, may be worn. You double clutch big rigs, not cars they can't handle it.
Changing gears without a clutch, and double clutching?
The synchromesh is toast and so is your piggy bank. sorry . these are nice cars but not cheap
you have a messed up synchro and its not going to get any better/the trans has to be opened up and new synchros installed//soon you wont be able to get it gear and hold it there and you may have severe gear damage as a result//// those alfas are slightly delicate and temperamental

Is there something wrong with my clutch?

Hello, recently my clutch is 'jerking' when I change gear (can be any gear)

It never used to do this until about a week ago, my normal driving habits haven't changed, but the clutch is like a learner driver learning clutch control or something.

Car: 97 Ford Fiesta

Any one got any suggestions?
Is there something wrong with my clutch?
it will jerk if you let off the clutch too fast.
Is there something wrong with my clutch?
The cable may be partially seized.

If no cable,could be patially seized master or slave cylinder.

Could also be oil on the clutch plate,or the clutch needs changing.
bearings worn? plates contaminated with oil?

Dirty Clutch fluid?

My clutch fluid is very, very dirty, but works well. What are the benefits for changing the clutch fluid of a vehicle.
Dirty Clutch fluid?
The best reason is to prevent failures%26gt;
Dirty Clutch fluid?
the best reason for doing this ,it will make the clutch master cylinder and the slave cylinder last longer,that's a good enough reason right there for changing it,good luck with it.
Yes the dirty fluid has particials and water in it and that wears the seals out faster-- most vehicals use one of the types of brake fluid read the 2nd paragraph in the site below the hydralic clutch cylinder is the same as your master cylinder for your brakes as far as the operation of the system goes-- good luck
If your clutch fluid is very dirty, it's quite possibly just a matter of time before your clutch pedal sinks to the floor...I'd recommend having the system cycled with clean fluid a couple times, but you could just wait till the system goes and replace the items then. That might make more sense, considering the current condition.

Change a clutch in a 1997 Suzuki RM80 dirt bike?

does anyone know any sites or diagrams anything that can help me learn how to change the clutch plates in my dirt bike 1997 Suzuki RM80
Change a clutch in a 1997 Suzuki RM80 dirt bike?
It is soooooooo easy...First drain your oil...Then pull the side cover off the right side of your motor..Take the bolts out of your clutch basket..Should be a 9mm socket..Pull the outer plate out and you will be able to see your plates..Pull all your plates out..might have to use 2 small screwdrivers to get them out..go easy and make sure not to bend anything..You might have to use your steel plates if you didn't buy new...

Start putting in your new plates...start with a fiber plate and then a steel then a fiber and then a steel..and on and on...As long as you started with a fiber and ended with a fiber your good as gold..Put your plate back on...there might be a mark that you have to line up on your plate and your clutch boss..Like a dot and a little arrow so the plate fits all the way on..Now start putting your springs and bolts back on just snug..Once they are all snug..start to tighten them just a little more then snug..tighten one and then go across from theta one and tighten another and then across from that one..cris-cross..Do not tighten them too tight..don't want to break any....ok...now the side cover and gasket...if you broke your gasket get a new one...don't want it to leak..side cover bolts..just past snug...don't break one off....Your goood to go...
Change a clutch in a 1997 Suzuki RM80 dirt bike?

Fiat brava diesel clutch change?

any body ever had the clutch done and was it a

big/expensive job thank you
Fiat brava diesel clutch change?
most you should expect to pay is 拢300 all done, it's about 4 hours plus parts, decent kit costs around 拢80 plus vat

Average labour costs 拢40 per hour

4hours times 拢40 = 拢160

parts at 拢80

拢240 + vat

Fiat brava diesel clutch change?
It was a blow to my wallet. It really was a ********
clutches in spain average price (parts only 250 euros) then labour
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  • Any driving simulation games online my sister can practice driving with?

    My sister has just got her provisional licence and since my car is currently being fixed (and she can't afford lessons yet) I wondered if there was a game or something online that will help her understand the clutch, changing gears and how to drive, basically. I don't really want to have to download something so it would be good if it was a %26quot;game%26quot; you play online rather than download and play.
    Any driving simulation games online my sister can practice driving with?
    the best practice is to get out there and drive. no game can replace that.
    Any driving simulation games online my sister can practice driving with?

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    try here - http://www.go-red.co.uk/
    Sorry, driving isn't something you can learn on line via games.
    dont bother stick to a car the games are rubbish

    Motorcycle gear change and clutch?

    I am a new rider and I have couple of questions.

    Say you're at a stop signal on first gear. When you move, do u hold in the clutch once, and shift to 3 or 4 or 5... gear? Or... do you hold the clutch, go to second gear, let go of the clutch, then throttle, then hold the clutch in again, go to third gear.... and keep doing that. What is the proper way, and what is the most common way? Does the same thing apply to downshifting?
    Motorcycle gear change and clutch?
    Disengage/reengage clutch PER gear shift.

    Just like a car. Most bike gearboxes, being sequential, don't often change more than 1 gear at a time very well. They need the load to shift properly.

    Especially for downshifts. If you drop too many cogs on a single clutch on a big 4T the engine compression will lock the back wheel (2Ts and slipper clutches excluded)

    read some books, and have a hunt on net for gear change techniques.

    On the downshifts, u want to be blipping the throttle while u have the clutch in, so that u are matching the rpm to the next gear.

    For upshifts, to make it smooth, you Want to Lightly %26quot;preload%26quot; the gearlever with your toe while you have the gas on. Then try to roll off the gas and pull the clutch in simultaneously and lift your toe a little harder all at the same time. The gear should just smoothly snick in, so smooth u can barely feel it. Then clutch out and then smoothly onto the gas.

    It's also feasible to do clutchless upshifts just by preloading the gearlever and gettng partially off the gas. But save those for when u can do clutched changes properly and u are on the track (works best from full throttle)
    Motorcycle gear change and clutch?
    Might pay to do a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. If you don't know this basic stuff, there's probably a heap of other stuff you don't know either.